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Terpenes 101: What They Are and How They Affect Your Buds

December 4, 2017

You may have heard the word terpenes, or “terps,” being thrown around a lot lately when it comes to cannabis. It’s certainly a popular term right now, as terpenes themselves are clearly having a moment. But what are they? And how do they impact the overall cannabis experience? […]

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The Vaporizer Built for Adventure

November 24, 2017

Vapium Summit+ Vaporizer ($150)

Vaping out in the great outdoors is truly an awesome experience. Whether you’re hiking, biking, boating, skiing, or even fishing, there’s nothing like enjoying the taste and buzz of some freshly pulled greens amongst the freshly grown greens and open skies of nature. Problem is, most vaporizers aren’t really built […]

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